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Behind The Scenes

FAUX/real's Atypical (and Appealingly Nuts) Inspiration

If there was a gold medal for finding inspiration everywhere, Mari Ouchi and Louis DiCicco would have it slung around their necks. (And would likely reinterpret it for their exercise-themed collection.) Here, the designers behind the sleekly complex jewelry line FAUX/real—both of them, together!—take us on a tour that guarantees you’ll never look at happy hour, Basic Instinct, and bicep curls the same way again. —carlye wisel "This piece, slashHER, was inspired by killers and killer weapons—knives, slashers, etc. This piece has a very sharp, dangerous feeling but is also elegant, simple, and fun. It set the mood for theDEATHofFAUXreal collection." "The 2Gether collection was about sex—man and woman, two different elements mixed together. This piece, sharon stone, was inspired by a mood of a gorgeous woman seducing a hard-rock guy. We loved the challenge of making concrete elegant and sexy." "This collection, FAUXward, is about the idea of a computer world mixed with an Art Deco world. We wanted to make this piece larger-scale—like a building. But we don’t have money or time for that, so we made it as jewelry. When we were making the piece, one song crossed my mind: ‘Computer Grandma,’ which is an eighties Japanese children’s song." "This collection WorkOUT/in is about thinking about working out. Neither of us has experienced a hardcore work out, so this is a fantasy of that world in our heads. The mix of materials—soft neoprene and hard metals—is like muscle and fat. This piece softCORE has become one of our signature pieces now. It represents what FAUX/real is—soft and hard, weird and beautiful. You can’t figure out what it is, but you love looking at it.” "FULL TIME JOB is inspired by the mood of office environments, work stress, relationships between co-workers. We both never worked in that kind of environment, so it is another fantasy in our head. This piece, Running Late…No Breakfast, looks like a broken egg— everybody knows how busy morning can be, so we played with the idea of the stress and the egg shape." "We got inspired from one of our best sellers Happy Hour 527 from our current collection, FULL TIME JOB. This necklace, Cocktail Hour, represents the FAUX/real design esthetic—simple yet twisted, unique yet elegant. Our pieces have this reputation: Without being loud, you can stand out. The pieces have a power of attraction somehow.” OOF get on this creative duo’s latest edition before it’s too late!
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FAUX/real Surfs the Internet

Though the Magic School Bus made us believe otherwise, we probably won’t be able to take a field trip through the craniums of the FAUX/real duo anytime soon. But you can at least get a glimpse of Mari Ouchi and Louis DiCicco’s brainwaves through this mish-mosh of their favorite internet pleasures—they fill the website for their sophisticatedly eccentric jewelry line with a mix of hilarious and bizarre oddities, and here’s a glance, through self-produced collages and wacky videos, of their all-time best WWW finds. —carlye wisel “The weird hairball is interesting to look at and makes us relax. Somehow, these three textures are a perfect combination.” "We love the quick, simple, and sexy video with this mix—perfect for our busy days at our studio. At least in our heads, we are relaxing in the water.” “This collage makes us think of busy, stressful work. We made it for our mood-board research for our current collection, FULL TIME JOB.” "This music video is amazing. It makes you a little crazy—the subliminal messages and text and the intense, vivid colors.” "We are obsessed with human skin tones. This composition of nude color blocks we put together represents the idea of everybody in this world being different from each other." “And the ‘Proper Opossum Massage’ video also reminds you that there is wide range of people in this world. We keep visiting it because it makes us smile.”  “For this image, we played with the idea of hard and soft. It’s cute to look at—cheers you up when you are sad.” “Our past collection, workOUT/in, is related to the mood of this video. It makes your ass move.” "We like the unusual mixture of two different worlds in this collage—hard, scary robots and beautiful flowers, new image and old image. Very FAUX/real.” "This Middle Eastern pop icon is amazing. The video is new and old at same time. All of the nineties music-video elements are in her video, and the styling is very charming and very questionable.” "This scary cat is telling us something." This pair made a necklace that rocks without having to try–see it now!
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