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Not to get all what-to-wear-to-Coachella on you or anything, but come on: This wispy Black Crane dress was built for a music festival. —erica

Track Star SZA

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The Vibe: The 23-year old rapper from St. Louis started making music just a few years ago, and, hey, she’s already been signed to Top Dawg Entertainment. She’s like a female Miguel, with a hypnotizing voice and dark beats, and her style has a coolest-girl-at-recess mood.

The One-Song Intro: “Babylon”

The Look, Recreated: This jersey tee from T by Alexander Wang, a pair of leather gym shorts by Capulet, and some classic Cheap Monday canvas high-tops. —maitri mehta

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Zigzag, zigBAG. Into it, Kuu. —erica

Go Way Back Polka Dots

Ok, did you know that the polka dot has its roots in the Central European dance?! US EITHER. (Yah, now it seems pretty obvious—we know.) Get more on its spotty (heh) history below. —bea koch


The Origin: Polkamania hits the world in the mid-19th century. As the folk music and dance craze spreads from Europe to America, so does the popularity of the dotted pattern that covers the dancers’ dresses. And they’re not just dotting the dancefloor, either—check out this Frédéric Bazille painting from 1867, “Family Reunion.”


The Evolution: A certain sweetness factor means polka dots are often relegated to the realm of swimwear and pajamas. Here’s Miss America 1926, Norma Smallwood, rocking a spotty maillot.


In 1928, Disney introduces the most fashionable rodent the world’s ever seen: Minerva Mouse. Originally dressed in blue, Minnie gets a makeover in 1931, and it really sticks..


The U.S. government harnesses the power of the polka dot when it creates the way-iconic Rosie the Riveter campaign to encourage women to join the workforce during WWII. And, hey, that scarf is both fashionable and practical: It keeps hair away from industrial machinery in the factories.


When Christian Dior introduces his New Look in 1947, he’s all about popularizing a fresh silhouette. But he also succeeds in dressing up the polka dot, which he uses frequently in his designs, like the dress from 1954.


One, two, three, four! Tell the people what she wore! It’s 1960, and it’s alllll about Bryan Handy’s song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.”


In 1962, DC Comics introduces Polka-Dot Man, whose spots can morph into weapons—and even a getaway vehicle!


Basically everything Julia Roberts puts on in Pretty Woman is memorable. But legendary costume designer Marilyn Vance’s fave item? This dress (with a coordinating hat, natch) that Vivian wears to the polo match.


Gwen is everything in that polka dot dress from the 1996 music video for “Don’t Speak.” Seriously, check it over here.


The Right Now: It seems like polka dots are everywhere these days, but we’re giving top props to Dolce & Gabbana for their SS2013 menswear collection. As usual, those guys take a go-big-or-go-home approach.

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Re: those April showers: How’s about this Terra rain coat? —erica

Couple Up January Jones and Ashton Kutcher


What are these two most remembered for? The fact that he told her she should probably stick to modeling. Oof. But, they were so young! Just look and their toothy smiles, their fresh faces, and their outfits. —erica

January Jones: A fancy little Ben-Amun bobby pin, a jacquard Kenzo dress, and a thin Demylee cardigan.

Ashton Kutcher: A rumpled Save Khaki oxford, a tweed blazer from Steven Alan, and some Yuvi man jewelry.

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How do I show the girls of Ghost World Elkin's spring collection? Because they'd freak out over it (but obviously pretend not to). —erica

The Insider Kayleen Schaefer


Dare you to read three magazines and not spot Kayleen Schaefer’s name in one of them. She writes about things like pissy pilates purists (three times fast!) for The New York Times, cool-girl synchronized swimmers for Vogue, job promotions (or lack thereof) for Elle, and cultish blowouts for The New Yorker. Aren’t you dying to know her? Thought so. —monica derevjanik

Q: Which celebrity would leave you the most star-struck?
A: Is it fair to call Hillary Clinton a celebrity? Does that demean her? If not, then her. 

Q: What do you heart most about Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, your ‘hood?
A: Can I say I love my apartment most of all? I gut-renovated it with the help of my amazing architect friends at OFFICIAL, and even though I’ve been there a year, I still get really jazzed when I come home. I also love running in Brooklyn Bridge Park—I still love seeing the view from the promenade—and going to Sahadi’s, a grocery store where you can buy the best bulk foods for cheap. Also, if all of the other beverage establishments besides Cafe Pedlar and Congress Bar were wiped off the earth, I’d be fine.

Q: What’s on your coffee table right now?
A: My friend Ruthie, who rules, gave me Can’t Lose: A Friday Night Lights Fanzine, which is displayed prominently. I also have a Fresh Cannabis Santal candle and a mini succulent from The Sill that Erica, who also rules, gave me. Plus, an embarrassing number of magazines with Kim Kardashian on the cover (two).

Q: What’s one thing we’d never guess about you?
A: I really want to be the voice of an animated character. It’s going to be tough to do since they’re all voiced by famous people now, but I still hope it’ll break my way someday.

Q: What do you wear, like, allll the time?
A: My new Alexander Wang Marti backpack has barely left my shoulders since I finally bought it after circling around it for about two years. I also think that my super-light blue jean jacket makes me look super-cool. And Catbird pretty much owns my ears. I wear my rose gold ear cuff and Chained To My Heart earring every day.  

Q: What have you been reading lately?
A: I’m in the middle of #GIRLBOSS, which is Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoroso’s part memoir, part be-a-baller-at-work guide. It’s fun to read. I’m also reading a mystery called Visitation Street, which takes place in Red Hook, which is right by me.

Q: Which Of a Kind designer are you totally in love with?
A: So many! I’m so happy it’s Veda leather-jacket season again. I’m on my second Rachel Rose silk tee since I’m a spiller and silk-shirt ruiner. Also, I’m way into Bing Bang’s teeny skull jewelry and Blanca Monrós Gómez’s equally teeny black diamond studs. And I have some K/LLER COLLECTION quill earrings that make me feel like a badass. 

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